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Hustling for the good of humanity.

About Good Hustlers


Good Hustlers is the first startup company launching under Ghetto Enterprises. Ghetto Enterprises will be venturing into entry level employment and service positions that will provide hope for the formally homeless, addict and re-entry populations. Good Hustlers will provide jobs training programs under the leadership of executive Hustler Richard Linares aka #thegoodhustler in the retail shop, promotions division and the Mobile Auto detail business. Our goal is to offer internships, employment training, part time employment & job placements allowing individuals to become independent and responsible for their own expenses, while also providing them extra cash to purchase necessities. 

We THANK YOU for taking the tome to check out our website and look forward to seeing or speaking to you soon. 

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Please spread the word and if you want to help or assist in the internship capacity, or through a collaborative partnership please do NOT hesitate to  hit us up!

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